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18.10.2010| FCG in der Presse

ERA Announces Canada's First Ever Public-Private Partnership Involving Carbon Finance and Conservation on Over 750 Hectares of Ecologically Sensitive Lands on Denman Island

18.10.2010| FCG in der Presse

Land swap expands B.C. park land

The B.C. government has acquired about 15 per cent of Denman Island for preservation in a land swap involving a private landowner and a German carbon trading company.

18.10.2010| FCG in der Presse

750 hectares of Denman Island will be protected under land deal

03.06.2010| FCG in der Presse

Firm helping to restore degraded forests

ERA Carbon Offsets is helping the city of Langley, B.C., to restore woodland logged more than a century ago and celling the resulting carbon credits to companies worldwide.

23.02.2010| FCG in der Presse

Optimism on Forestry Demand Sparks German Stake in Canadian Developer

German carbon consultancy Forest Carbon Group AG last week took a 30% stake in Canadian project developer ERA Carbon Offsets, and for reasons many will find surprising. Number one on the list: anticipation of growing demand for forestry offsets among German voluntary buyers, who have traditionally been leery of non-industrial offsets


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