co2-explorer Premium

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Our package co2-explorer Premium offers you the possibility to incorporate emissions originated during up- and downstream activities of the value chain (scope 3). This provides you with a much more detailed analysis of co2 emissions generated along your value chain.

The package includes:

•    Browser-supported co2-explorer software for carbon footprinting (including software license, version CCF Premium)
•    Brief overview of potential co2 savings
•    Telephone helpline
•    Annual workshop on “Carbon footprinting and business opportunities associated with climate protection” in Frankfurt a. M. (attendance fee for non-clients: EUR 200)
•    Regular information on current environmental and climate protection topics (quarterly)
•    On request: Introduction to data collection in co2-explorer (please enquire for prices).

If you need additional help do not hesitate to contact us for further on-site meetings at your head office. If you wish to determine your co2 emissions more accurately, we can offer you a tailor-made solution using our co2-explorer Supply Chain.

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