Quantifying your greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) is the first step towards a comprehensive carbon management system. Calculating the carbon footprint of your entire business or of a product can be a challenging exercise as it looks into the complex procedures of your business and production processes. The Forest Carbon Group has the necessary know-how and uses internationally accepted standards to quantify direct and indirect emissions.

We support you in assessing your emissions, in designing a greenhouse gas inventory and accounting system to track your emissions.  We calculate your Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) on the basis of guidelines published by the World Resources Institute and World Business Council for Sustainable Development („Corporate Standard“ and „Corporate Value Chain Standard“). Together with our partners, we advise your company to become more sustainable, suggest ways to reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint, and to do your business more efficiently.

We also calculate the greenhouse gas emissions of products you manufacture, the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF). Whether you would like to assess the entire life cycle of a product (cradle to grave) or the footprint generated within your factory (cradle to gate) – you decide the system boundary.

Last not least, we calculate the carbon footprint of events. Because meetings, conferences and workshops cause emissions too.

Whatever you decide to do, we help you to optimize your energy use, hence reduce costs and resources, and become more efficient and sustainable in the future.

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