Reduce your footprint

The Forest Carbon Group enables companies to position themselves strategically through investing in our reforestation and forest conservation projects, to develop new business opportunities and to secure existing ones. These forest or bio carbon projects not only mitigate climate change but also safeguard nature and its ecosystem services - crucial for companies to continue to do business.

Core business instead of CSR

We work for another approach: Changing the core business instead of mere Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The point is to re-design products and processes, and to incorporate environmental assets into corporate balance sheets. Offsetting provides tangible economic arguments: To gain and secure contractors and customers. In addition, multi-national corporations increasingly integrate environmental action into their risk management, re-organize their supply chain and use it for global marketing.

Measure and minimize

Reforestation and forest conservation projects increase the natural carbon storing capacity of forest ecosystems. Companies that invest in forest or bio carbon offsetting partly incorporate external environmental costs - an important aspect of those carbon projects compared to high-tech carbon projects.
Since carbon is far better measurable and tradeable, other than for instance biodiversity, it serves as a currency to finance nature conservation and ecosystem services. Offsetting is a catalyst to reduce a corporate environmental footprint. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, companies need to know their processes, constantly improve their operations and introduce innovations. Companies that work hard to cut emissions in-house and compensate unavoidable emissions provide a convincing case for sustainable corporate action.

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